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Oren Lyons

Enshrined 1988

"Anywhere in the world if you mention lacrosse, the image of the Indian flashes." These are the words of Oren Lyons, Syracuse's star lacrosse player of the 1950s. Proud of his heritage, Lyons' accomplishments have gone far beyond his obvious success in sports to many different facets of 'his people's ' lives.

Oren Lyons was brought up playing lacrosse. In the 1950s, he enrolled at Syracuse University and began playing for their lacrosse team, briging with him a legacy of lacrosse instinct and expertise. HE was co-captain of the 1958 SU team, received the Orange Key Award for Outstanding Student Athlete, and was voted All-American goalie. Lyons also received the Cox Lacrosse Award as his team's Most Valuable Player.

Oren Lyons is still involved in 'his people's sport.' He is founder and Honorary Chairman of the Iroquois National Lacrosse Team, an all-Indian team that comptetes against other nations. Lyons is also active in coaching Pee Wee Lacrosse consisting of city and reservation youths who compete against similar teams from other Indian reservations. 

Oren Lyons is recognized not only as a sports figure, but also as a Native American Leader, activist, teacher and artist. He graduated from college in 1959, and in 1961 rexeived his Master's Degree uin American History and Museum Technology. Today he proudly represents his people as Chief of the Turtle Clan of the Onondaga Nation, and as a member of the elder's Circle of the Indian Tribes. He travels widely trying to develop a peaceful co-existence betwenn the Indians and the government.

Lyons now resides on the reservation and does free-lance work for books, posters, adveertising, and sports programs.


  • All American goalie at Syracuse University '57-'58

  • Co-captain of the SU lacrosse team, '58

  • Played in the annual North-South Lacrosse Match,  '58

  • Received the Orange Key Award for Outstanding Student Athlete, Syracuse University, '58

  • Honorary Chairman of the Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Team

  • Coach of Pee Wee Lacrosse

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