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List of Donors

The GSSHOF is grateful for the ongoing support received from these inductees, their families and friends, as well as other boosters. Their generous donations help us sustain our museum and its exhibits.

Remember, the GSSHOF is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, therefore is tax deductible.

Christian Brothers Academy
Jim Boeheim
Lee Burling
Judy Caputo
John Caveny
Albert Denti
Thomas Downey
Mike Downey
Dr. Bill Dutch Jr. (CNY Foot Surgery)
Lon Frocioine
John Hayes
John Johnstone
Kim Kallfelz
Alan Kimmey
Katy Laetsch
Beezie Madden
Stephen Manzene
John Marshall
Dick MacPherson
Gene Mills
Carol Moss
Stephen Nathan
Kathy Parker
Len & Joanne Rauch
Ron Ross
Richard Russo
Joe Russo
Anthony (Nini) Sgroi
Kris Terrillion
Kiki Fleckenstein Woolworth

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