Master List of Nominee Submissions Since 1987
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Each year since 1987, the Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame (GSSHOF) has received new nominations to add to its master list, which now contains over 400 nominees. To see the newest (submitted by Nov. 30, 2018) additions to this list, click here.


Every April the election process begins for that year.  A preliminary screening is conducted of all names on the nominee list. At our full Board meeting, known as “Champions Night,” Board members are urged to review the entire master list of nominees, and campaign on behalf of any individual(s) they feel merit election.  The Board member is required to take into account advocacy and sentiments from the community, whether in the form of written letters or emails to Board members, posts on social media sites promoted by the GSSHOF organization, personal contacts, etc. Therefore, we encourage you to advocate for your favorites through this website or on our social media sites.


If you are interested in nominating a candidate for the GSSHOF, please click here to check out the master list first. If your candidate is on the list that means they have already been nominated. Click here to tell us why you think they should be selected as an inductee. 


If you would like to nominate someone who is not on the list, please click here.


To update or correct add biographical information to any of those on the master list, please click here to contact us.