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Janet Miner Bennett

Enshrined 1994

Liverpool native Janet Miner Bennett racked up impressive credentials in the rather obscure sport of competitive water skiing. Bennett first got into water skiing as a teen-ager during family vacations in the Adirondacks. She then continued to learn to ski in a man-made pond created by her father in Central Square. A few years later, Bennett trained in earnest and started setting New York State and national records.


Bennett set nearly every state record on the books as well as breaking several national marks. In 1977, she became the Eastern record holder in the women’s slalom and was ranked fifth in the country. She held six state records in 1990 and was first U.S. woman between the age of 35 and 45 to make a complete pass at 35-foot line off 40-foot line. A year later, Bennett became the only female skier to qualify for the professional division.




1965: First competition skiing victory, New York State Tour in Endicott


1966: Won NYS Junior Slalom Championship


1969-1971: Attended Springfield College, Physical Education major


1969: NYS Women’s Slalom Championship


1970: First place at Eastern Masters Champion in Slalom and Trick Skiing, Ballston Lake


1971: Won NYS Women’s Slalom and Trick Skiing, Onondaga Lake


1976: Medal winner, pro division, National Finals NYS Female Slalom Champion


1977: NYS Female Slalom Champion, Eastern Record Holder, Women’s Slalom


1989: At age 39, holds best tournament average of any Eastern female skier


1990: Only female skier to qualify for professional division, holds six state records

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