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1945: Graduated from Carlsbad High School in NM; Lettered in swimming, basketball, volleyball

1952: University of Denver, Bachelor of Arts degree

1952-1952: Teacher of physical education to grades 8-9 in Paradise, Ca.

1953-1956: Teacher-supervisor of physical education to grades K-12 in Burlington, Vermont

1956-1957: Grad assistant at University of Colorado, Masters of Science degree

1957-1960: Instructor of physical education at University of Colorado

1960: Moved east to work at SU under nationally-recognized women’s physical educator Lucille Verhulst.

1960-1975: SU Associate professor of Physical Education

1975-1982: SU Director of women’s athletics

1983: Inducted into the Orange Plus Hall of Fame

1993: Received SU's Varsity Club “Letterman of Distinction Award”

1993: ECAC Jostens Distinguished Service Award

1995: Retires after 35 years as SU’s associate athletic director on May 31


1967: Assn of Women in PE of NYS, President

1968-1974: Red Cross Water Safety Committee

1977-1979: Cazenovia College Physical Education Advisory Board

1977-1982: Foundation to Advance Arts and Athletics in Syracuse

1978-1995: Member of the Syracuse Chargers Board of Directors

1982-1984: NYS Assn. for Heath, PE, Recreation and Dance

1983-1987: Member of the YWCA Board of Directors

1982: Post Standard “Woman of Achievement (Sports)

1983-1987: ECAC Women’s Steering Committee

1985-1995: Syracuse Sports Corp Board of Directors

1989-1995: Member of the NCAA Council

1993: ECAC Distinguished Service Award

Doris Soladay

Athletic Administrator
Enshrined 2008

With a career that affected the national sports landscape, Doris Soladay had a profound impact on intercollegiate women’s athletics. She was a pioneer, innovator, problem-solver, visionary, leader and facilitator during her lengthy career as a Syracuse University administrator. 

Starting in 1960, Soladay focused on the development and expansion of women’s intercollegiate athletics. She was, unquestionably, at the forefront of women's sports in an era where it moved from somewhat of an afterthought to today's vital commitment at the intercollegiate level. Soladay’s passion was developing women's athletics at the college and university level, all within the guidelines of Title IX. She was fair, honest, dedicated and a gem of a person who always saw the glass half-full.

Soladay, who retired in 1995, was honored numerous times for her work in the SU athletic department. Among her many accomplishments, she was a member of the NCAA Council, ECAC Women's Steering Committee, president of the Association of Women in Physical Education in New York, a board member of the Syracuse Chargers, the Syracuse Sports Corp., the YWCA and an inductee of the Orange Plus Hall of Fame, a S.U. Letterwinner of Distinction, a recipient of ECAC Josten's Distinguished Service Award and a Syracuse Post-Standard Woman of Achievement.


Soladay was honored by the ECAC with the Katherine Ley Award in 1995 as the women’s administrator who serves as a role model for her colleagues, as well as a strong proponent of women’s issues. She was also a member of the ECAC Women’s Steering Committee from 1983-1987.

Soladay passed away in 2001, but her spirit lives on in the form of the Soladay Award which is presented each year to the top male and female Syracuse student-athlete. The award is the highest honor bestowed upon a current Orange student-athlete and recognizes those who best exemplify her essence. Doris passed away in 2001.



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