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Bernard Maurer


Enshrined 1995

Bernard Maurer, a charter member of the Syracuse Bowling Hall of Fame, dominated local bowling in the early 1900s. He was also skilled in baseball and boat racing.


Maurer began his bowling career in 1900 and became one of the best keglers in the country. He won multiple individual Syracuse City bowling titles and in 1906 he rolled a 299 game, which was unheard of in those days, during the state league event.


In 1912, Maurer was rated as the No. 2 bowler in the nation behind Jimmy Smith of New York City. For two years, the pair traveled around the country and bowled in exhibition matches. Maurer carried a lifetime average of 194 for 30 ABC national tournaments.


Career Highlights:


1899-1905: Member of the Syracuse Heralds, Long Branch, Pastimes and Havanas semi-pro baseball teams


1906: Lead the Syracuse Heralds over Boston Americans (Red Sox) to a 7-3 victory.


1900-1912: Established a bowling record never duplicated, won individual average record for the city league each year


1906: Rolled a 299 in state league contest vs. Utica


1908: Captain of Syracuse bowling team that won the NYS team championship. Also won in 1909 and 1915


1907: Paired with Charles Latterner to win the Interstate Two-Man championship in Buffalo


1913: Made USA tour, paired with Jimmy Smith, won 15 of 18 series and averaged 210 in 101 games in Chicago exhibition


1914-1915: Syracuse City team champion member


1915: Rolled three-game series of 776 to lead NY State league


1922-1923: Bowled with "Maurer’s" losing only one match of the season, represented Syracuse in ABC Tournament in Milwaukee


1923: Opened Maurer’s Recreation Alleys with Baill Shail

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