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Alberta Crowe

Enshrined 1988 

Alberta Crowe’s dedicated service to the sport of bowling had no limitations. She was involved with a variety of national bowling organizations and held a number of high-profile positions throughout her career.

Crowe, an avid bowler, started out as a national director of the Women’s International Bowling Congress (WIBC) in 1940. Twenty years later, the well-respected Crowe was chosen as the WIBC president, a post she held from 1960-1981. Crowe was also elected five different times as president of the National Bowling Congress. Other distinguished positions held by Crowe included president of the NYS Bowling Congress, president of the National Women Bowling Writers Association and president of the American Junior Bowling Congress.

.In addition to being inducted into its national hall of fame, the WIBC honored Crowe by naming an annual award after her: the Alberta E. Crowe Star of Tomorrow Award, given to a female high school senior or college student who competes in bowling.


1950-1981: President of the National Bowling Congress, elected five different times
1951-1956: President of the National Women Bowling Writers Association
1959-1960: President of the NYS Bowling Congress (NYSBC)

1960-1981: Fourth President of WIBC; Lifetime member of WIBC

1960: The Post-Standard Women of Achievement; Executive Committee Member of NYSBC

1967: Elected to Syracuse Women’s Hall of Fame; Elected to New York State WBA Hall of Fame

1970-1981: Chairman of the Bard-Bowler’s Building Corporation

1971-1974: President of the American Junior Bowling Congress

1972: Chairman of the National BVL Committee

1970-1981: President of the Bowlers’ Building Corporation

1976-1978: President of the National Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc.

1977: Treasurer of the National BVL Fund

1981: Received John O. Martino Award for outstanding contributions to the sport of bowling

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