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2010 Team(s) of Honor
Fayetteville-Manlius 2006-2009 Girls Cross Country Teams

The Fayetteville-Manlius Girls Cross Country teams have had outstanding success and accomplishment, but nothing quite as impressive as they had from 2006-2009. In those four years, the team was four-time CNYCL league champions, four-time Section 3 champions, four-time New York State champions, four-time regional champions and four-time national champions. You simply can't do better than that.

The 2009 New York State Champion team won the meet with a perfect score of 15 (runners finished 1-5 in the race). This had never before been accomplished in the history of the meet. 

Bill Aris was the head coach of the team during this reign of incredible success, along with assistant John Aris.

Members of the teams over the four years were:

2006 - MacKenzie Carter, Kathryn Buchan, Jessica Hauser, Hilary Hooley, Courtney Chapman, Molly Malone and Catie Caputo.

2007- Courtney Chapman, Hannah Luber, MacKenzie Carter, Kathryn Buchan, Molly Malone, Jocely Richards, and Kristen Buchan.

2008 - Courtney Chapman, Meaghan Anklin, MacKenzie Carter, Hannah Luber, Molly Malone, Kathryn Buchan and Alexandra Chapman.

2009 - Katie Sischo, Molly Malone, Courtney Chapman, Jillian Fanning, Mackenzie Carter, Hannah Luber and Heather Martin.

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