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2009 Team of Honor
Syracuse Senior Cyclones Slow Pitch Softball Team

The Syracuse Senior Cyclones Slow Pitch Softball Teams have been representing the city of Syracuse since the late 1970s when they founded as a co-ed team, basically playing throughout New York State. In 1980 they became an all mens team and began their barnstorming throughout the world. Founded as a means of recreation for 'older' athletes (age 60 and up), the Senior Cyclones became known as Syracuse's goodwill ambassadors wherever they travelled. The team has played in competition and tournaments throughout the USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico and Great Britain. In fact, they have attracted so many players that they have several teams designated by age--60 years, 65 years and 70 years.

Since 2001 they have won more than a dozen national and world championships held in Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Seattle, Phoenix, Raleigh, Winnipeg, Canada and St. George, Utah. Their teams have won championships in all age categories-60+, 65+ and 70+.

Keeping the softball tradition going strong for nearly 30 years has been a true testament to the dedication, hard work and desire the many athletes who have played for the Cyclones have demonstrated. Syracuse has always been known for its quality of softball and the Senior Cyclones have provided an opportunity for older athletes to continue their serious participation in a sport they love and excel in. The program was started through the Syracuse Parks and Recreation Department under the direction of Carol Chappell Ganzar Fitzgerald. Games were originally played behind Centrl Tech and then moved to McChesney Park in later years.

To the hundreds of athletes who have played for the Syracuse Senior Cyclones, a special thank you for all their efforts on behalf of the city of Syracuse and, the recognition for the honor they have brought to our city. 

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